Settembrini is a restaurant, bar, that it’s next to Vatican Rome Suites and it is located in Via Luigi Settembrini 21, Roma.

The restaurant’s owner describes his histroy in that way:

Earlier , in 2003 , Settembrini was ” only ” a restaurant . In 2010 the turning point comes Settembrini café .


In November , on the other side of the street , in the square Martyrs of Belfiore , opens the library Settembrini : library , kitchen , delivery , take away .

settembrini interno

Away from the galaxy Settembrini , but always family , in the city center , there Fandango Meeting , a unique place that does live books , cafe , events , readings and art . In addition to being a meeting place and conviviality Settembrini is also your home .

settembrini bancone

A place to live and to discover little by little , a fun fact , distracted and careless but also a place rich in history and events , food and cuisines , and wine cellars , pantries and living rooms . 

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